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George Padmore, né Malcolm Ivan Meredith Nurse (28 June 1903 – 23 September 1959)

George Padmore, Malcolm Ivan Meredith Nurse (28 June 1903 – 23 September 1959) was a Trinidadian-born author, journalist, Left organizer and activist, one-time Communist Party member, socialist, and Pan-Africanist.
Books by George Padmore
  • Padmore, George. The Life and Struggles of Negro Toilers. London: Red International of Labour Unions Magazine for the International Trade Union Committee of Negro Workers, 1931.
  • Padmore, George. How Britain Rules Africa. London: Wishart Books, 1936.
  • Padmore, George. African and World Peace. London: Secker and Warburg, 1937.
  • Padmore, George, with Nancy Cunard. White Man's Duty. London: W. H. Allen, 1942.
  • Padmore, George (in collaboration with Dorothy Pizer). How Russia Transformed Her Colonial Empire: A Challenge to the Imperialist Powers. London: Dennis Dobson, 1946.
  • Padmore, George. AfricaBritain's Third Empire. London: Dennis Dobson, 1949.
  • Padmore, George. The Gold Coast RevolutionThe Struggle of an African People from Slavery to Freedom. London: Dennis Dobson, 1953.
  • Padmore, George. Pan-Africanism or Communism? The Coming Struggle for Africa. London: Dennis Dobson, 1956.
  • Padmore, George, ed. The Voice of Coloured Labour. Manchester: Panaf Services, 1945.
  • Padmore, George, ed. Colonial and Coloured Unity—A Programme of ActionHistory of the Pan-African Congress. Manchester: Pan-African Federation/Panaf Services, 1947.
Many—hence not all—of Padmore’s other writings are found online at the Marxists Internet Archive. 
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Lastly, here is a link to the latest edition of my bibliography, Pan-Africanism, Black Internationalism, & Black Cosmopolitanism.


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