Tuesday, August 04, 2009

In case you missed it...

Logos, a "journal of modern society and culture," has three articles under the heading of "Reflections on Gaza." And over at the International Law Observer, Valentina Azarov introduces us to "[t]wo reports [that] have been recently released by the fact-finding missions posted by the major international NGOs, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW) to the Gaza Strip and South Israel following the 22-day war that took place in the region between December 2008 and January 2009:" Gaza Conflict Aftermath: so far “the international community has failed spectacularly”

The Boston Review's latest forum covers Development in Dangerous Places, with the lead essay by Paul Collier followed by responses from a handful of experts on geopolitics and global developement.

At Opino Juris, Roger Alford draws our attention to a post by Marko Milanovic of EJIL: Talk! on the House of Lords' last judgments as the final court of appeal in England and Wales. As you'll see in the comments to Roger's post, yours truly has a few things to say about this as well.

The latest issue of Middle East Report (Summer 2009), No. 251, has made available online an interesting article by one Daud Munir (although I would have liked to have seen some references): "Struggling for the Rule of Law: The Pakistani Lawyers’ Movement." Of course this is a subject that Anil Kalhan has blogged about over at Dorf on Law.

At the blog for Chinese philosophy, Manyul Im is "a bit skeptical" about a proposal touting the potential for Confucianism in contemporary China to lead the struggle for environmental awareness and sustainable development. There's a fairly long comment thread and of course yours truly once again chimes in.

Pardo and Patterson's latest article against the current in contemporary philosophy of mind (forthcoming in Neuroethics) is available at SSRN: "Minds, Brains, and Norms."

The tireless Frank Pasquale writes on "What the Media Isn't Covering in the Health Reform Debate--And Why It Matters."

And at The Faculty Lounge, Tim Zinnecker is troubled by the fact that over one billion people a day on our planet go hungry: Food for Thought.

Haider Ala Hamoudi shares his thoughts on "Women in the New Iraq" at his blog, Islamic Law in Our Times.

Lisa R. Pruitt explores "a law that's all about rural women" in her post at the Legal Ruralism blog ('a little [legal] realism about the rural').

Finally, C.A.J. (Tony) Coady, author most recently of Morality and Political Violence (2007) and Messy Morality: The Challenge of Politics (2009), has penned the entry on "The Problem of Dirty Hands" for the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. I'm especially pleased to see this entry because it is one I recommended to the editors several years ago (actually, in 2004!) and the subject editor, Thomas Pogge, agreed to it, as well as to my suggestion that Coady be its author.


Anonymous Jinjirrie said...

Thanks again for the excellent reading matter :)

I particularly enjoyed the historical accuracy of Stephen Shalom's Logos article "Unjust and Illegal : The Israeli Attack on Gaza".

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