Saturday, August 24, 2013

Jury Nullification: Basic Reading

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  • Conrad, Clay S. Jury Nullification: The Evolution of a Doctrine. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 1998.
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  • Wenger, Kaimipono David and David A. Hoffman. “Nullificatory Juries,” Wisconsin Law Review (2003): 1115-1161. Available:
Conspicuous Omissions?


Anonymous Clay S. Conrad said...

Well, I can think of ONE obvious omission... what did I do to hurt your feelings, Patrick???

8/25/2013 4:19 PM  
Anonymous clay s. conrad said...

I can think of one obvious omission... did I do something to hurt your feelings, Patrick???

8/25/2013 4:20 PM  
Blogger Patrick S. O'Donnell said...

My "feelings" have nothing whatsoever to do with the composition of this list: what an odd manner in which to inform me that I missed something, the possibility for which being the main reason I asked the question at the bottom of the post. As I am only now exploring the literature, I shared what I have come across, and so I had yet to come across your book (or frequent references to it for that matter). I'll be happy to add it however, but rest assured the reasons for omission were perfectly innocent and the subject of "hurt feelings" absolutely irrelevant.

8/26/2013 7:12 AM  

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