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The Moral & Political Economy of Poverty, Hunger, and Famine

“In his famous treatise on politics, diplomacy, and political economy called Arthaśāstra (roughly translated as ‘instructions on material prosperity,’ in contemporary terms, perhaps best translated as ‘political economy’), Kautilya, the ancient Indian political theorist and economist … included among his famine relief policies the possibility of raiding the provisions of the rich. In fact, he wrote with some eloquence on ‘the policy of thinning the rich by exacting excess revenue [karśanam], or causing them to vomit their accumulated wealth [vamanam].’”—Jean Drèze and Amartya Sen, Hunger and Public Action (Oxford University Press, 1989): 4.

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I have two bibliographies with titles directly relevant to this subject: (1) on the ethics, economics and politics of global distributive justice, and (2) the sullied science & political economy of hyper-industrial agriculture (or: ‘toward agroecology & food justice’). And I have a handful of bibliographies indirectly related but no less relevant to this material, only several of which I cite here: contemporary democratic theory; health: law, ethics, and social justice; and Marx & Marxism.


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