Monday, September 11, 2006

Ringhand makes news fit to print

Lori RinghandRatio Juris's own Lori Ringhand is the subject of a New York Times editorial, Activism Is in the Eye of the Ideologist. Lauding Lori's use of "reasonable, objective standard[s]" to measure the "vague concept" of judicial activism in a forthcoming study to be published in Constitutional Commentary, the Times editorial observed:
Conservatives like to divide judges into liberal “activists” and conservative nonactivists who interpret the law rather than making it. Anyone who follows the courts knows that conservative judges are as activist as liberal judges —just for different causes. A new study of Supreme Court voting patterns confirms this and suggests that the conservative Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas are actually more activist than their liberal colleagues.
Congratulations, Lori!


Blogger Alfred L. Brophy said...

Congratulations, again, Lori. I'm delighted that the Times made such effective use of your important work.

9/11/2006 5:23 PM  

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