Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Milosevic Trial: An Autopsy

The following volume arrived recently in the Jurisdynamics Network's mailbag, courtesy of Oxford University Press. The description is adapted from OUP's blurb:

Milosevic TrialThe Milosevic Trial: An Autopsy (Timothy William Waters ed., 2013) covers one of the most traumatic episodes in the recent history of international criminal law. Slobodan Milosevic presided over the violent collapse of Yugoslavia. He died in 2006 in the midst of his long, controversial trial for war crimes. Timothy William Waters's volume represents the first cross-disciplinary examination of the Milosevic trial, one of the longest, most controversial war crimes trials of the modern era. The Milosevic Trial has a profound but contested legacy in the fields of international criminal law and post-conflict justice. This volume brings together three distinct treatments of this material, each addressing a distinct audience of its own:

  • Actual trial participants, including members of the defense and prosecution
  • Scholars of international criminal law
  • Area studies experts, including experts from the former Yugoslavia

This volume will prove of interest to scholars in law, political science, and history. It places the Milosevic trial and its impact in a broader context beyond not merely the Yugoslav wars, but also the international resolution of crimes arising from other conflicts.


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