Monday, February 13, 2017

Natural Law “Externalism” v. Natural Law as “Moral Aspiration”

I have one more paper that I’ve corrected and revised (including the title!): Natural Law “Externalism” v. Natural Law as “Moral Aspiration.” It is not about the well-worn legal positivist v. natural law debate but rather discusses how best to characterize natural law theory with regard to its intrinsic relation to justice and morality. The paper is in response to a contrary characterization of the natural law tradition made by Professor Thom Brooks so as to contrast that tradition with Hegel’s “internalist” theory of natural law. I argue that the natural law tradition is not properly described as “externalist” but is in fact “internalist,” even if not in the sense Brooks ascribes to Hegel. The revised paper is now available on my Academia page here.


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