Monday, July 16, 2018

Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Addiction: An Introductory Bibliography

My latest bibliography, “transdisciplinary perspectives on addiction,” is here. The introduction/abstract:
More than a few titles are not about addiction qua addiction, but deal with subject matter pertaining to the psychological, ethical and cultural questions that surround addiction as self-destructive behavior in the context of variables, causes, and consequences that are, we might say, at once individual or intrapersonal and interpersonal (in an intimate sense) and social. Yet the distinctions serve a purpose, as they are essential in addressing the specific dynamics and dialectics of interaction between these two dimensions or poles so as to better understand the nature of addiction in the contemporary world.  

The following bibliographies contain titles indirectly germane to our topic: (i) Beyond Capitalist-Attenuated Time: Freedom, Leisure,and Self-Realization; (ii) Biological Psychiatry, Sullied Psychology and Pharmaceutical Reason; (iii) Buddhism and Psychoanalysis; (iv) Emotions; (v) Freudian Psychology; (vi) Health: Law, Ethics & Social Justice; and (vii) Human Nature and Personal Identity.


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