Thursday, November 16, 2006

Erin Brockovich Reads the Newspaper

Celebrity crusader (and Lawrence, Kansas, native) Erin Brockovich's recent whistleblower litigation against several California hospitals and nursing homes was dismissed by California District Court Judge David O. Carter, as reported here and here. Brockovich filed several lawsuits on behalf of the federal Medicare program alleging that the facilities improperly billed Medicare for treatment involving medical errors and follow-up treatment required to correct the errors. For reasons similar to those described in my recent post on the Supreme Court's grant of review of the "original source" requirement for False Claims Act whistleblower standing, Judge Carter dismissed Brockovich's complaints. The lawsuits did not allege specific instances of wrongdoing but rather were based on federal reports estimating that medical errors cost Medicare more than $9 billion per year. Brockovich and her lawyers hoped to find evidence of specific wrongdoing during discovery.

Hat tip to Ben Eggleston.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure most understood that the photo of Julia Roberts was merely a facile representation of Erin Brockovich, especially given that most Americans in general (including the readers of this blog) would recognize Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich before they recognized Erin Brockovich as Erin Brockovich.

But your clarification is definitely helpful. I, for one, was long under the impression that Erin Brockovich had starred in many hit movies, including Pretty Woman and Notting Hill. This mistaken belief reached its frenzied zenith when I rented the film Erin Brockovich from Blockbuster a few years back, only to find that the title role of Erin Brockovich was played by--surprise--Erin Brockovich. Such egotism, I thought! Such uninspired casting!

But now I know better.

11/21/2006 6:28 PM  

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