Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Network buzz

Jurisdynamics NetworkTwo items of interest from other sites within the Jurisdynamics Network:
  1. Jeff Harrison's latest MoneyLaw post on shirking behavior by law professors includes a nifty discussion of Tracey E. George, Court Fixing, 43 Ariz. L. Rev. 9 (2001):
    Tracey George found that full-time law professors who were appointed to the bench were . . . more ideological than non-law professor appointees. . . . [Professors] were more likely to decide cases in a way that was inconsistent with precedent but consistent with the ideology of the President appointing them.
    The ideologically polarized behavior of former law professors appointed to the bench leads Jeff to conclude "that some law professors are not only not inclined to begin the analysis of an issue from an unbiased perspective, they are also too arrogant to care."

  2. First Movers reports a public radio webcast on bloggers' influence on judicial opinions. Click on the embedded media player below to listen to the webcast:
    Minnesota Public Radio


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