Thursday, May 08, 2008

If you like baseball, and good writing

Seems like we’ve finally gotten to the point where things on the front page (I think that’s the right term) of this here blog have cleared such that when I open it I don’t have three videos and a couple of audio streams opening simultaneously. Not only did that provide new meaning to the phrase “information overload,” but it also typically caused my browser to freeze. (I perhaps spoke too soon, since waiting on something called "feedburner" locked up Firefox on me as I was putting this together.) All of which made for difficult posting. Also, I’ve, um, been very busy with, like, classes and writing and stuff.

But now it’s summer, at least from the academic's point of view. There’s serious procrastinating to be done. And so perhaps I’ll make my way back here from time to time to leaven all the seriousness with a bit of, as described on my faculty profile, good-natured japery. Maybe I’ll even talk about the, you know, law a little bit. Possibly a hint of philosophy. Probably not politics.

For now, though, let me direct your attention elsewhere. It is, as I mentioned, summer. (I feel compelled to emphasize that because, here in Wisconsin, we are not entirely sure of it yet. There’s still a nip in the morning air, and rumor has it there might still be ice floating around some of the lakes up north.) Summer, of course, means baseball. There can’t always be baseball on the radio. Sometimes you have to go read about it. If that’s the sort of thing you enjoy, you really ought to be reading Joe Posnanski. Dude can flat out write. He’s got a blog. He’s also written a tremendously enjoyable book about Buck O’Neil. You should read it. I’d let you borrow my copy, but then you wouldn’t return it and I’d be bothered by that and would eventually mention it and you’d say “didn’t I give that back to you?” and our acquaintanceship would be irretrievably broken because I’m the sort of person who takes books very seriously. So you’ll just have to buy your own.


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You certainly won't find any videos and the like in my posts: I just learned how to place the pictures and that's enough for me. And my browser would freeze on occasion too (it wasn't long ago that I learned what a 'browser' was).

Anyway, I too am an ardent baseball fan (the Dodgers are my first love, but I'll root for the the Angels in the AL if only because a former Dodger is their manager; I'm also a Cubs fan, as I was born north of Chicago and most of my relatives on my mother's still reside there). So...thanks for letting us know about Joe Posnanski and especially the book recommendation, which does indeed sound like a good summer read (either before or after a Vin Scully broadcast).

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