Monday, January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: A Nonstandard Celebration

I think Dr. King would have understood if now and again, we celebrate his achievements, aims, and aspirationsincluding recognition of those who preceded him with the same ends, as well as those who worked alongside him or otherwise actively supported the civil rights movement or Kings wider moral values and political goals (e.g., an end to the Vietnam war, the fight against poverty, support of unions, and so forth)in a nonstandard way which is nonetheless in harmony with his legacy. At least one reason to do this is to avoid a mindless ritualistic invocation of his words or actions so as not to merely whitewash, absurdly reduce, or crudely canonize the life and work of the man. We might also do this in the spirit of Kings ability to challenge us: our ideologies and worldviews, our passions and prejudices, our self-deceptions and states of denial, much of which is deeply rooted in our individual and collective fears and insecurities.

So...with that in mind, I proffer the following for your consideration, in the hope that you, in turn, will likewise choose a unique way in which to celebrate this federal holiday: please see here.


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