Thursday, October 26, 2017

Radical Catholicism (The Catholic Worker Movement, Liberation Theology…) — A Bibliography

My latest bibliography is on Radical Catholicism (The Catholic Worker Movement, Liberation Theology...). It is available at either or ResearchGate. Here is the introduction:

Some of these titles are outside Catholicism proper although the forms of Protestant Christianity they exemplify have much in common (as recognized by the respective members of the concerned parties) with Catholic radicalism. I included a few of these works if only to avoid the impression that Catholicism has a monopoly on this Christian mode of religious radicalism! Like most of my bibliographies, this one has two principal constraints: books, in English. And it is intended to be representative (thus not exhaustive) of the literature. [And no, I am not a sales representative for Orbis Books.]

You should be able to access all of my bibliographies, listed below, at these two sites.    
  1. Africana & African American Philosophy
  2. After Slavery & Reconstruction: The Black Struggle for Civil Rights, Freedom, and Equality in the U.S.
  3. B.R. Ambedkar
  4. American Indian Law (this list goes considerably beyond ‘law’)
  5. Analogy & Metaphor
  6. Anarchism: Philosophy & Praxis
  7. Animal Ethics, Rights, and Law
  8. The Arab World: Modern & Post-Modern
  9. The Bedouin
  10. Beyond Capitalist Agribusiness: Toward Agroecology & Food Justice
  11. Beyond Capitalist-Attenuated Time: Freedom, Leisure, and Self-Realization
  12. Bioethics
  13. Biological Psychiatry, Sullied Psychology and Pharmaceutical Reason
  14. Blacks and Food Justice: A Guide to Resources
  15. Blacks on the (Radical) Left
  16. The Black Panther Party
  17. On Boxing — Sweet Science & Brutal Agon
  18. Buddhism
  19. Buddhism & Psychoanalysis
  20. Capital Punishment
  21. César Chávez & the United Farm Workers
  22. Christianity
  23. Classical Chinese Worldviews
  24. Comparative Law
  25. Conflict Resolution and Nonviolence
  26. Constitutionalism
  27. The Corporatization of Higher Education
  28. Criminal Law
  29. Death & Dying
  30. Democratic Theory
  31. Detroit: Labor & Industrialization, Race & Politics, Rebellion & Resurgence 
  32. Dreams and Dreaming
  33. Ecological & Environmental Politics, Philosophies, and Worldviews
  34. Emotions
  35. Ethical Perspectives on Science & Technology
  36. Frantz Fanon—A Basic Reading Guide
  37. Freudian Psychology
  38. The Life, Work, & Legacy of Mohandas K. Gandhi
  39. Global Distributive Justice
  40. The Great Depression & The New Deal
  41. Health: Law, Ethics & Social Justice
  42. Hinduism
  43. The History, Theory & Praxis of the Left in the 1960s
  44. Human Rights
  45. Indic (or Indian) Philosophy
  46. International Criminal Law
  47. International Law
  48. Modern Iran
  49. Islam & Muslims in the United States
  50. Islamic Studies
  51. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  52. The Jain Tradition
  53. Judaism
  54. Law and Literature
  55. Toward an Understanding of Liberalism
  56. Marxism
  57. Marxism (or ‘the Left’), Art & Aesthetics
  58. Marxism and Freudian Psychology
  59. Mass Media
  60. Nonviolent Resistance in the Middle East (with an emphasis on the Palestinian struggle)
  61. Nuclear Weapons
  62. Pan-Africanism, Black Internationalism, & Black Cosmopolitanism
  63. Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory
  64. Philosophy, Psychology, & Methodology for the Social Sciences
  65. Philosophy & Racism
  66. Punishment and Prison
  67. Radical Catholicism (The Catholic Worker Movement, Liberation Theology…)
  68. Science and Religion
  69. Science and Technology
  70. Slavery
  71. Social Security & the Welfare State
  72. South African Liberation Struggles
  73. Sullied (Natural & Social) Sciences
  74. Terrorism
  75. Torture: moral, legal, and political dimensions
  76. Transitional Justice
  77. Utopian Imagination, Thought & Praxis
  78. The Varna & Caste System in India
  79. Vietnam War
  80. Violent Conflict & the Laws of War
  81. Women as Intellectuals in the European Enlightenment
  82. Workers, the World of Work, and Labor Law
  83. Zionist Ideologies


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